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Classes We Offer

Our dance studio offers a wide variety of class styles.  Our instructors are equipped to provide instruction at appropriate levels for age, experience and technical ability.  Our classes are broken into the following levels: Preschool, Beginner, Elite, Intermediate 1 & 2, Jr. Advanced, Advanced and Adult (pending enrollment).  Classes for our Advanced & Intermediate students meet Monday evenings.  Elite & Beginner classes meet Tuesday evenings while Preschool classes meet Wednesday evenings.  Take a look at our class offerings below.

Preschool Combination

This class is perfect for the preschool aged child.  This class meets Wednesday evenings for 90 minutes and exposes your child to the art of tap, ballet, jazz, baton twirling, gymnastics and gymnastics equipment in smaller segments as we know many little ones are busy and like to keep moving.

Too much? Ask us about our 1/2 option!



Our ballet instruction begins with stretching and technical work at the barre where we focus on body position, hand and arm movement, posture and more.  Our class continues with work in the center floor including but not limited to balance, flexibility and turns.  We will also work with students at a one on one level giving them combinations to do up and down the floor as well as jumps and leaps.


Our Pointe class is for our more advanced ballet students.  As our instructors find a student is ready to be on pointe, this class will be offered.  Ballet class is a requirement if pointe class is taken.  Pointe focuses on the movements and technique learned in ballet while standing on the very tips of the toes.

Ellie Pointe.png


Tap is such a fun style of dance to learn.  In this class, students are taught how to make rhythmic cadences with their feet in a variety of ways to a wide variety of music.  In our beginner class we focus on mainly foot work.  As students progress, they will learn increasingly difficult tap steps and combinations as well as jumps and turns.


Jazz is one of our most popular classes.  In this upbeat and energetic class, students will learn footwork, flexibility, turns, leaps and jumps with added modern flavor and hip-hop elements.  In our jazz class, students will have the opportunity to learn dance combinations to a wide variety of music including today's popular hits, broadway favorites and much more.


Baton Twirling

In our baton class, students will learn the basics of twirling a standard baton.  Students will learn to marches and struts as well as twirling techniques and tricks.  Once comfortable with a single baton, we will begin to work on two batons.  Students will also have the opportunity to twirl flags, sabers, glow batons, hoop batons, ribbons, swords, rifles and more!


In our Gymnastics classes our trained instructors will begin class by assisting gymnasts in stretching, flexibility and strengthening exercises.  The class will progress with a variety of tumbling skills based on the student's ability.  Our instructors are trained and use proper spotting techniques to ensure the safety of all students.  

Students will also get to participate in learning tricks on high and low balance beams, mini trampoline and vault.

DSC_0626 (1).png

Musical Theater


Musical Theater dance is for any student enrolled in our Monday & Tuesday evening classes. 


This is a jazz-based class filled with Broadway style dancing and music. It will focus on performance skills such as but not limited to musicality, connecting with the audience to tell a story, playing a character and facial expressions while maintaining jazz steps and techniques. 


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