Structure of Dance Year

Looking to sign your child(ren) up for dance classes? Great! We’d love to talk to you about that!

Let us explain our class structure for the year.

From September to December we focus on dance steps, stretching, flexibility, technique and conditioning. This includes but is not limited to work at the ballet barre, center floor work, combinations that allow our students to travel up and down the length of the floor and small dance combinations to work on memory, retention and piecing the individual steps we work on together into one fluid movement.

January through June we begin to teach our students their dance routines they will perform at the annual recital. These routines rely heavily on the steps and technique learned in the fall. Conditioning, stretches and floor exercise help dancers with their stamina and overall ability.

Have questions? Let us know! We’d love to respond to you via the comments section or private message!

Register for classes before August 31st and save $10!

Come dance with us!

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