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It's Showtime!

Can you believe our show is JUST THREE (3) MONTHS AWAY!? We can't either! We are SO excited and our dancers and gymnasts are working hard each week to prefect their routines!

Just a couple things to keep an eye on...

Trophy & T-Shirt sign ups will be coming soon. Sign up sheets will be hung up in the reception room in the coming weeks.

Dancer Messages/Photos:

As before, we are offering dancer "one liners." This is for you, or friends and family to send a message (50 characters = one line) to your favorite dancer in our program. One line costs $8, two for $14.

NEW for 2019 are Personal Photo Messages. The person photo message allows you to purchase a half page where you can write out a paragraph to your dancer and add a photo of your choosing. (Will be printed in black & white). You also can opt to purchase a full page which can include 2 photos along with a personalized message for your dancer. Half pages will run $25, while a full page will run $50. These forms will be sent home in the next few weeks.

Business Ads:

Do you or someone you know own a small business? (Or any business!) We are looking for businesses who would like to run an advertisement in our program. We can provide literature to hand out if you know someone who may be interested. This can be any business (even direct sales vendors such as pampered chef, paparazzi, avon, tasetefully simple etc). 1/4 page: $25, 1/2 page $50, full page $75.

Scenery Help:

We will be looking for volunteers to assist with scenery, props etc. A sign up sheet will be placed in the reception room soon! All help is greatly appreciated!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Georgie, Kelly, Teaira or Fee.

Thank you!

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